We Will Make Your Carpets Clean and Fresh

Why Call Us?

It is not easy to keep your carpets clean.
Regular vacuuming will help keep the dust levels down, but over time dust will build up in the fibers. Did you know clean carpets are the best way to filter out dust and pollen and improve the air quality in your home? A dirty carpet, on the other hand, will release dust into the air and degrade the quality of the air you breathe at home. Pet stains and odors will also create unpleasant sights and smells to your visitors and leave a bad impression.

When you decide it is time to call in a professional, call Benjamin's Carpet Cleaning. Our experts can tackle the toughest stains and dirt leaving your carpets clean and renewed.

What We Deliver

While most people focus on keeping their carpets and rugs clean, it is just as important to give your upholstery a through cleaning to remove stains, odors and dust. Sitting on a dirty or stain couch is unpleasant to you and your guest. Clean upholstery will enhance the appearance of your home and be more comfortable to sit on for your family and guest.

We’re committed to delivering the best carpet cleaning and floor cleaning service in the Yuma area. Our professional deep cleaning provides some of the best methods for long lasting cleanness and tough on stain removal. Not only do we save you money, but time so that you can continue your daily chores without the need to be worried about your floors and furniture.

You can vacuum your upholstery to keep the dust down. But everyday use will create stains from dust, dropped foot and drink, or from pets laying down on the upholstery. More than dust and stains can accumulate in your couches. Allergens from the air can settle and set allergies off.  Odors and bacteria can hide deep in the fiber and can only be removed by a professional steam cleaning process. Body oil can be absorbed into the fiber, especially on arm rest, and bind dust to the fabric, leaving a dust stain. Dead skin can fall out and attract dust mites. A professional cleaner can give your couch and chairs a thorough cleaning and make your upholstery look and smell fresh and clean again.

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